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Windows and doors have provided a great deal of aesthetics to the look of your property. It also keeps your home comfortable and allows you to view the outdoors. Window Medics offers products which allow you to maintain the enjoyment of your windows and doors for years to come.
Harsh weather conditions can cause severe damage to these windows and doors making it an expensive problem to deal with. Window Medics has a few cost effective solutions to help reduce some of those expenses.
What We Do?
We are the leading repair and replacement service provider with more than 10 years of experience in window defogging, glass replacement and window/door installation. Our patented defog technology allows us to save you up to 70% in comparison of replacement. Our windows and doors are from top manufactures and made from durable materials that will make your home look beautiful.



Restoration of Foggy Windows with World-Class Defogging Techniques

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Glass Replacement Services from Window Medics

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Professional Window Replacement Services

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Window Medics offers Exquisite and Durable, Exterior and Sliding Patio Doors

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This Is How We Do.
Your Problems & Our Solutions!
Our experts ask a series of questions to identify the level of damage in your glass to determine a proper solution that matches your budget. At the first sign of moisture it is important that you contact us to avoid permanent water damage on your glass. Once the glass is permanently damaged, we have to replace the glass.
Reasonably Priced
We are proud to offer competitive prices for the repair or replacement services of your windows and doors. We provide services at unbeatable prices without compromising on the quality of work. We are your best source for timely window and door repairs at a price that you can afford.
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Browse through our wide range of affordable services, to make your house picture perfect.
Whether for installation, repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to contact Window Medics. You can either call us on 888-329-7116, or send an email to arizona@windowmedics.com for immediate assistance.